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If ya don't know Billy Mack, Ya don't know Jack! ... Billy, Bert, Double D, Rob...You boys is good! Can't wait to see you again. Thanks for supplying the soundtrack for a Great Night @ Scooters!!!! That's All She Wrote! ;)

                                     Roy Moore    Fox 103.9   Flint Mi.

Music review for Queen of the Idle Hour Inn…”Billy Mack develops a relaxed atmosphere on this CD with his opportunity band the Juke Joint Johnnies.  They sound professional and imaginative.  There are no predictable covers or obvious melodies in their own songs. “  Queen of the Idle Hour Inn CD rated #7 in Holland.


Frans von Dongen

Music Review for Top Dog… “Mack has a great voice and a talent for the techniques of hillbilly singing (the voice yelpin’ higher at the end of a vocal line) and the songs he both writes and covers show it off well.”


Sir Kevin May

Music review for Top Dog…”Billy Mack as a singer/songwriter put his own stamp on the music with an artful rendering of the pieces:”  Top Dog Cd rated #13 on the charts in Holland, Song Smooth Step rated #3.


Frans von Dongen

"And there's Billy Mack.  All in black, with the short sleeves of his shirt turned up like a West Side Story Jet, long, disheveled pompadour, reverbed voice complete with Elvis hiccups and Jerry Lee Lewis screams - he's the picture and soundtrack of the 'fifties.  But his is no slavish impersonation.  Billy and the JJJ's don't just play this music - they own it!"  -- Sandor Slomovits, Ann Arbor Observer

Red Hot Rockabilly with a touch of Western swing -- red hot and very cool!"   -- Unkle Sherman, KPIG Radio 107.5 FM, Santa Cruz, CA

 "Billy Mack and the Juke Joint Johnnies don't just play music, they put on a show, and their energy level is out of control!  This band has the innate ability to include the crowd in this entertainment frenzy.  Whatever you do, don't miss seeing this group, and don't leave home without your dancing shoes!"   --Johnny Johnson, Chelsea Summerfest (former coordinator) and Chelsea Bowlapalooza

"Billy Mack is in the here and now, but he brings back the day when country was country, and rockabilly was cool.  That was a golden era that shall never be again, save when Billy Mack takes the stage and sings with that incredible instrument he calls his voice.  Hats off to you, Billy!"   -- Joe Summers, master guitarist/musician/songwriter

"Wow, great songs! Terrific playing!  Thanks so much for this music . . ."  -- Randy McNutt, author of "We Wanna Boogie" and other music industry books

SAGINAW, MI – A glance at the credentials Billy Mack & the Juke Joint Johnnies bring to the stage let you know this isn't some new boy-band. But when it comes to Friday Night Live's Oldies Night, the rockabilly and Americana band from Detroit are definitely the new kids on the block.

In a season filled with perennial favorites, the band promises something off the beaten path Friday, Aug. 8, joining the Josh Ramses Band at Morley Plaza, on North Washington between East Genesee and Johnson. The free concert runs from 5:30 to 9 p.m.

"I was in the Starlight Drifters but when they moved to Nashville, I didn't go," Mack said. "We started the Juke Joint Johnnies in 2003 and a lot of musicians have come and gone since then. But this particular line-up's been together for about a year and a half and we do a good live show. It's real positive; we're a high-energy band."

Mack attributes it to experience, pointing to the well-known bands Michigan's Claybourne Stewart, Tony Handley, Brent Wilkins and Gary Lintemuth include in their resumes. But equally important, he said, they're committed to Billy Mack & the Juke Joint Johnnies rather than spreading their talent around three or four bands.

Listen for rockabilly, Western swing and Americana hits from the 40s and 50s and Mack-penned originals that reflect the influences, the music you'll find on the band's four CDs and a fifth coming out in September.

It's taken them around Michigan, throughout the Midwest and to a pier in Santa Monica, California, where Route 66 comes to an end.

"We're getting great compliments on the headliners we've had all the way through," said PRIDE Coordinator Jeanne Conger. "We've always tried to give our local talent the opportunity to perform, and that really came together in our first Jazz Night with The Robert Lee Revue and the Michigan Jazz Trail Big Band.

"But we've worked hard to bring quality entertainment you might not find elsewhere and the kicker is that you get to see it here for free."

That brings old favorites such as KGB and Soul Street back to Motown Night on Aug. 15 and newcomers like Billy Mack & the Juke Joint Johnnies joining the Josh Ramses Band on the upcoming Oldies Night.

Also drawing raves this season, Conger said, is a children's area where kids can take part in most activities for free.

"Pamela Denay came up with a bunch of new things and she changes it up," Conger said.

That is Billy Mack's intention, too, he said.

"We do a couple things from the early '60s, a Dick Dale surf song, and we do some Stray Cats, which of course is more contemporary," he said. "People are going to recognize a lot of songs or at the least influence."

A word of warning: "We don't allow any wiggling in the seats," Mack added. "You're going to be on your feet and moving with the music; I guarantee it."

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    • Billy Mack and Juke Joint Johnnies to perform at St. Mary's Park

  • The City of Monroe Recreation Department Concert in the Park series continues with a rockabilly act at 7 p.m. July 7 at St. Mary's Park.
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  • Billy Mack and Juke Joint Johnnies
    Billy Mack and Juke Joint Johnnies
  • If You Go

    Who: Billy Mack and the Juke Joint Johnnies

    When: 7-8:30 p.m. July 7

    Where: St. Mary’s Park bandshell, 111 W. Elm Ave.

    How much: Free

    Bring: Blanket...

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    • By Suzanne Nolan Wisler

      Posted Jul. 5, 2016 at 1:00 PM 

      With song titles like “Queen of the Idle Hour Inn” and “Boom Boom Mama,” Billy Mack and the Juke Joint Johnnies is anything but the usual musical act.
      Describing itself as a “high-energy ‘swingabil-ity’ and rockabilly band with a touch of blues,” the Michigan-based lounge act has been performing throughout the Midwest, California and Florida for 13 years.
      On July 7, Billy Mack and the JJJs makes its Monroe debut.
      “This is the first appearance in our lineup for this talented group, and we’re looking forward to it,” said Loretta LaPointe, recreation manager for the City of Monroe. “(Their) blend of styles, with some grooving blues, makes them stand out as one of the most talented and entertaining acts available today.”
      “We look forward to captivating a new audience,” said Mr. Mack.
      Billy Mack and the JJJs was founded in 2003 by Mr. Mack, a veteran songwriter and vocalist known for “his strong, smooth voice, incredible vocal range and dynamic stage presence,” said his Web site.
      He also plays guitar and percussion.
      His three bandmates all have at least 30 years in the business. Claybourne Stewart plays lead guitar, saxophone and vocals; Tony Handley, vocals and drums, and Randall Carlson plays bass and vocals. “The members have changed over the years, but my current line-up is the best, and they have been with me for the last three years,” said Mr. Mack, who writes many of the band’s lyrics.
      “Our songs are approximately 50 percent original and 50 percent cover songs. I am the sole songwriter of the band,” he said.
      Original selections include “Queen of the Idle Hour Inn,” “Top Dog,” “Boom Boom Mama,” “Surfing the Nines” and “Cut You Loose.”
      “Route 66,” “Hey, Good Lookin’,” “Jump Jive ‘n Wail,” “Only Make Believe” and “Red Hot” are some of the band’s cover songs.
      All ages enjoy the concert.
      “Our music appeals to every age group: From the very young to the very old. Everyone who comments says that we have a great show and a positive vibe. Fun is had by all,” said Mr. Mack.
      Billy Mack and the JJJs perform about 97 shows a year. The band has recording five albums, which will be sold at St. Mary’s Park.
      “We are working on our sixth album called ‘The Honey Comb Hideaway,’ and we are hoping to have it completed by the fall,” said Mr. Mack.